Chris Scherer


Chris is an entrepreneur with a passion for community development and engagement. He has spent the last 13 years focusing his efforts on utilizing real-world experiences to successfully startup and grow businesses, become an effective leader through civic involvement, and … Read More

Zach Munns

Business & Technology

Zach has been involved in an array of businesses with experience spanning from sales to operations to IT. His background began as an entrepreneur working to develop businesses across the area and building communities of people and opportunities that would … Read More

Megan Hartwick

Non Profit & Marketing

Megan is a dynamic leader with a focus on community enrichment. Her experiences in a big city influenced how she wanted to proactively shape her hometown and current residence. Through her tireless involvement Megan has spearheaded initiatives that have benefited … Read More

Genevieve Coady

Genevieve Coady, AICP, PhD

Economic & Business Development

Dr. Genevieve Coady co-owns Coadys’ Point of View Lake Resort with her husband, Darren. She is a senior professional with experience in both public and private leadership roles, supporting business and civic leaders in their work to improve the communities … Read More

Darren Coady

Darren Coady

Non Profit & Business Development

Darren co-owns POV Resort with his wife, Genevieve and has a broad skill set and experience base. He is a multi-talented and creative problem solver. Just because he hasn’t done it before does NOT mean that he can’t do it! ​After graduating … Read More

Brian Skinner

Media & Sales Consultant

Brian is a quick-start and media wizard that will find a way to sell any item put in front of him. He has a keen eye for emerging products and markets, helping small businesses create a stronger foothold on the market share they deserve.… Read More