Brian Skinner

Media & Sales Consultant

Don’t let this zany character fool you, Brian is a quick-start and media wizard that will find a way to sell any item put in front of him. Brian’s business acumen stems from over a decade in the entertainment industry, booking and promoting artists in venues across the nation and on cruise ships. He has a keen eye for emerging products and markets, helping small businesses create a stronger foothold on the market share they deserve.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in psychology, Brian started his dream business in entertainment and learned how to coordinate sales, marketing, relations, and technology for all parties involved. IN addition, he became an industry leading performer – providing perspective on how to stand out among competitors in a noisy world. 

Brian’s aim is to help companies think critically and creativity with on-point branding that will resonate within their target demographic’s core.  He also focuses on acquiring other portions of the market that may have been overlooked.