We’re different,
that’s a good thing.

A consulting firm born out of a pandemic, 2020 Evolve is a way to mobilize ideas and provide needed services that prevent other organizations from closing their doors.

Chris Scherer – Founder

Loss Creates Opportunity

As business owners, heads of organizations, and community leaders none of us expect to close unexpectedly and rapidly. March of 2020 proved to challenge that notion, leading to the loss and destabilization of people’s way to maintain their livelihoods. We can make this statement with certainty, because it happened to us. As our world crumbled around us, or so it seemed, we knew that we were not alone and that other businesses, non-profits, and communities could benefit from the experiences gained through our business closure. Truly, where one door closed another opened with 2020 Evolve, a consulting agency focused on small businesses, communities, and economic development opportunities.

Impact Based Leadership

First and foremost, we are a consulting firm that believes in making impact. We lead by example and believe that our work should have direct and indirect benefits for the businesses, organizations, and communities we work with. If our work with you allows for the profitability needed for you to give back, then we have done our jobs. Profitability and impact can be reliant on each other, one fueling the other; we want to be the rocket fuel to that fire.

Those who do not create the future they want must endure the future they get.

Draper L. Kaufmann

Trial by Fire

2020 Evolve was born out of a pandemic, there was no roadmap to create a consulting firm that focuses on the services we provide for the markets we cover. We are not done learning and every new skill acquired is one that gets applied to our work with you. We are stewards of good business practices for our business, organizations, and communities. We welcome the challenges and opportunities that are awaiting us, whether present or in the future, as we proactively seek to build long-term solutions.

Relationships are Our Assets

There is no price that can be reflected on a balance sheet to emphasize the value of our relationships. People are our most valuable asset, the right people are our most valuable tools. We concentrate on finding the right people to help build upon the successful foundation of 2020 Evolve. Each relationship we nourish is a vote of confidence and trust, something our clients have come to rely on. We want to engage you in a conversation and start building our relationship, whether we do business together now or in the future.

If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.

Zig Ziglar

Now you know us, we want to get to know you!