Darren Coady

Non Profit & Business Development

Darren co-owns POV Resort with his wife, Genevieve and has a broad skill set and experience base. He is a multi-talented and creative problem solver. Just because he hasn’t done it before does NOT mean that he can’t do it!

​After graduating from Notre Dame with a degree in Civil / Environmental Engineering, Darren spent a successful decade in Consulting, Technical Sales, Project & Team Management, and Business Development while further developing his writing and analytical problem solving skills. Most recently, he has consistently been drawn to socially responsible, altruistic, philanthropic endeavors.

​Ultimately, Darren strives to prove his former manager right when he predicted: “Limits of [Darren’s] future development are dependent only on the opportunities he is presented.” Now with a Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA), his goal is to leverage his knowledge and experience from the Private Sector while working to change lives in a positive way – to help kids & families, enhance communities, and improve our society. He is driven by a passion to do something meaningful and important with his life, contributing to a greater cause.