Chris Scherer


Chris is an entrepreneur with a passion for community development and engagement. He has spent the last 13 years focusing his efforts on utilizing real-world experiences to successfully startup and grow businesses, become an effective leader through civic involvement, and create long-lasting positive impact for local communities. Chris has grown and sold a number of businesses, most recently a large-scale event management and production company – at its peak this team service 280 events annually, had a revenue of over $500k, and boasted an employee base of 18.

With a background in small business startups and entrepreneurship, Chris sought to translate his years as a small business owner into coaching small businesses. Through 2020 Evolve he now focuses on training and assisting business owners and organizations on everything from developing a social media presence to designing alternative market strategies; from guiding a business’ strategic pivot to adopting online business sales.

Involvement is important to Chris and key to 2020 Evolve’s success. Currently he serves as the Board President for the Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce and as a Councilman on the Fort Atkinson City Council.

History (As Told By Chris)

It all started with a paper route. I’m serious when I say that, earning a whopping $35 biweekly, I saved every penny to purchase my first set of turntables. Those turntables would go on to fuel a successful DJ company that would grow into an event production company that could service events of 10,000 people or less. Thirteen years in the music and events industry allowed me to cross paths with every type of client for every type of event. Not many people can say that they have had the opportunity to work with local, regional, national, and international artists plus fortune 500 companies, politicians, motivational speakers, influencers, themed festivals, multilingual events, and everyday events like elementary holiday shows. Each day is a new day, filled with a new unexpected twist – it’s in these types of environments you learn to thrive.

Along the way I found that my passion for music intersected with my passion for business. I sought to learn about project management, market strategies, and business practices. Each of these were, and still are, skills that I could apply to more than just my industry. Personal growth led to successful work with startup companies, sales of businesses, advisory roles for non-profit and profit sectors.

To start in business can be from a stroke of luck, but to grow takes well calculated thought and action. I live by the mantra of ‘those who do not create the future they want must endure the future they get’. Shaping the future takes work, education, and a does of reality; it is a process that is never over, but is extremely rewarding.