Engage your audience,
bring your events to life

Events, both live and virtual, offer a chance to engage your audience in a unique manner. You’ve got one chance to execute an event successfully, why leave that to chance? Our experience in this industry can provide you with the strategy, tools, and talent to achieve sustainable and profitable events.

What We Do || Financial Impact || Our Experience

What We Do

Events are judged on their outcome and not on the amount of preplanning that occurs, however we believe planning is the most important part. Our process starts by understanding what you want the event to achieve and who you want to reach. We dive into the logistics of hosting a real or virtual event, determining how to maximize your budget for the greatest impact. We are your point-people when it comes to coordinating electrical, security, bathrooms, permits, ordinances, artist relations, volunteers, audiovisual production, safety plans, and all the remaining moving pieces.

We aren’t just thinking about the components necessary to make your physical event successful, 2020 Evolve is here to create digital presence as well. Website, email, and social media traffic is a pivotal funnel for event success, leading to increases in touch points, earned media, ticket sales, and secondary revenue generation. Digital is also an effective way at disseminating information, reducing your overall workload and allowing for analytical review of potential patron traffic.

Financial Impact

Let’s focus on profitability…after all, every event needs to find a way to cover its expenses. 2020 Evolve is well versed with event budget preparation and we know this sets the expectation for success. Our market analysis is a key component to establishing base numbers on an expected attendance, ticket/entry costs, possible sponsor asks, and alternative revenue generation.

A complete financial and demographic analysis is key to securing potential sponsors. With that information we can target appropriate event sponsors for a maximum ask while providing value for their exposure.

Our Experience

2020 Evolve has a well-rooted history in events, with our staff having provided services for regional, national, and international entertainment for over a decade. We know the ins and outs of the event industry and have continued to nurture our partnerships that lead to amazing events. No one production company can be everything, but combined they have the ability to focus on what they do best – staging, video, lighting, audio, and creative design.

Whether your considering a concert, festival, corporate production, livestream, political events/fundraisers, religious services, or need a custom designed event 2020 Evolve has the experience to provide a pathway to success.