What to expect when working with 2020 Evolve

Project Consultation

This is a 60 minute meeting to help us understand your business, your goals, and your vision for this project. We will discuss location ideas, how your product will be distributed, technical needs, talend needs, and any special requirements for achieving your vision. This includes a field location walk-through.

Research & Development

Your company is unique, your video project should reflect that. We like to explore what makes you unique through a brief questionnaire. Why do customers choose you? Why do people come to work for your company? What separates you from other companies in your field? This helps us develop a complete picture of how we can best showcase your company. We also request example work that you would like to model your project on during the development phase. 

Proposal & Pre-Production

We take everything we have learned from research & development to create a logistical gameplan. This includes mapping out necessary equipment, talent scheduling, shooting days, editing days, and revision time periods. 


This is the fun part, where we start to bring your vision to reality. Cameras, lights, audio, drones, and any specialty items come together to capture all the pieces needed to tell your story as mapped out. We take advantage of scheduling to get the most footage possible in the most reasonable amount of time, communicating everything well in advance.

Post-Production & Revisions

Once all your media is captured we diligently start cutting up the footage to bring everything together. It’s not uncommon for editing to take twice as long as the field-recording, but the wait is worthwhile. Add in music, graphics, and animations to see something magical happen. Nothing is ever perfect on the first try, but a few revisions later you will have an amazing video that is ready to hit the market.

Launch & Market

It’s time to go viral; we will provide you with the final files needed for distribution on social media, your website, or traditional media. Don’t stop there, ask us about strategies to get the most out of your investment. Our team can help lay out marketing action items to make sure this video accomplishes your goals.


This is heavily dependent on the type of project. Our desire is to get projects completed in a timely manner, with most custom projects taking around one month to complete from start to finish. We can always move projects to ‘priority’ status, which shortens deadlines significantly. Web and social media videos typically take less time and can be turned around in as little as 24 hours depending on needs.

Video Creative Services

– Multiple Camera Production
– Video Editing
– Web Optimized Video
– Voice Over
– Talent Hiring
– Graphic creation & animation
– Product Video
– Event Video
– Video Tours
– Single Camera Production
– Aerial Drone Footage
– Video for Social Media
– Live Streaming
– Youtube Channel Management
– Analog to Digital Conversion
– Commercial Video
– Digital Signage Video