Stageline: The Mobile Stage of Choice

When it comes to choosing the stage that production companies, artists, and even planners want the Stageline name stands above the rest.

The foundation of every event is the stage, both literally and figuratively. There is no doubt that you have either attended or been part of an event with sub-par staging; whether not tall enough, homemade, wrong deck size, or any other variation. Truly, when it comes to choosing the staging option that production companies, artists, and event planners want, there is only one choice that stands above the rest.

Production Companies Love It

Seriously! Production companies love working on Stageline products for a multitude of reasons. The most important reason is because it saves time, which makes it a great financial decision. According to Stageline, two stagehands can have an entire SL100 up in 30 minutes, although we recommend budgeting an hour for full setup. Production companies also know what they are working with on Stageline products, meaning they can plan equipment appropriately for proper PA hangs, lighting, electrical distribution, and the number of hands to flip a stage. From a buyer’s perspective this is great for the budget, as production companies have to bring significantly less auxiliary equipment to cover the same space and can do it in a safer manner.

Sponsors Get Seen

Most events are financially backed through sponsorship and the best billboard is the one your entertainment is performing on. Stageline products offer a complete banner kit, which allows you to strategically place banners along the sides, top, and bottom of the stage. Utilize these spaces as an up-sell opportunity or a place to thank everyone involved in making your event a success. When printed on appropriate mesh material the Stageline will maintain its wind rating, contact us for assistance with printing.

The Event Goes On

Rain or shine, the event will continue under the safety of a Stageline. Don’t let a little rain threaten to ruin your hard work, planning, and profitability. Rest easy knowing that your entertainment is covered and can continue performing even in adverse conditions; Stageline truly is one of the safest stages out there, with a wind rating of 77mph with the windwall on and 115mph without a windwall. Frankly, your artists will be blown away before the stage moves anywhere.

Unique Use Cases

Go beyond weather and take into account COVID19 restrictions. Stageline products are here to safely deliver your parking lot performances, religious ceremonies, graduations, drive-in movies, drive-in concerts, and other socially distanced events. 2020 Evolve is here to help you figure out profitable ways to bring a mobile stage to your pandemic era events during all four seasons.

Make a statement at your next event and consider the versatility of a Stageline Mobile Stage. Contact us today for more information or a quote.

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